Math Survey


While most U.S. students are behind in math, most parents are unaware of the issue.

A recent national survey conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago found that 80% of parents report their child is doing well in math. But students on average are more than half a grade level behind in math skills, with test scores hitting record lows for grades 4 and 8 since 1990. That’s a huge awareness gap.

Other key findings include:

Over half of adults (53%) felt some anxiety answering a 7th grade math problem, with more women than men reporting anxiety (61% vs 44%.)

60% of parents say they can get their child to see math as valuable, but only about four in ten parents (44%) are confident they can get their child to enjoy math.

Lack of time (43%) and creative approaches (30%) are key barriers to incorporating math into daily routines.

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