Math Checkups

Fourth Grade

“How many total years has your whole class lived?”

Because fourth graders are about 10 years old, this becomes a fun place value and estimation challenge!

What's the skill?

This question reveals whether your child can multiply by 10 on the fly.

Why is it urgent?

You want to ensure your child hasn’t simply memorized “tacking on a zero” to multiply a number by 10. Listen to whether your child sees how the answer relates to the pieces.

“If those snack-size packs of M&M’s each have 34 pieces of candy, how many are in a dozen packs?”

Ask this simple, real-life scenario, and watch whether your child uses the right operation.

What's the skill?

This question requires multiplication, since addition would be very tedious and lengthy.

Why is it urgent?

You want your child to think on their feet, and see that they need to multiply – and that there’s more than one way to get the answer.

If your child needs to practice these skills, watch these Khan Academy videos about multiplying by 10 and multiplying two-digit numbers.

Wondering what to do next? Talk to your kid’s teacher