The Campaign

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Because of COVID-19, kids across the nation have fallen more than half a grade level behind in math skills, with test scores hitting record lows for grades 4 and 8 since 1990. And remember, before the pandemic, already two-thirds of eighth graders were behind. But many people, especially parents, are completely in the dark on this issue – an issue that could be affecting their children.

To make parents aware and empower them, Bedtime Math created Be Part of the Equation, a new campaign to encourage them to be a big part of their kids’ math teams from the very beginning.

Bedtime Math is a nonprofit that for ten years has inspired kids to love math early on, so they embrace it and excel at it. Showing that math is part of real life motivates kids to learn more and to shed their fear of it. Our free, widely acclaimed app sends out playful math questions each night for kids to solve with their parents. Research has shown that engaging in this just two to three times a week boosts math skills an extra three months in one year. 

If we start the conversation, we can all jumpstart math achievement. Visit to learn more.